Summer 2018


  • Issue Editor's Letter

    Embracing the Uncomfortable

    Bioethics requires the courage to question moral comfort

    by Elizabeth Siliski, Issue Editor

  • Feature

    Psychiatry and Deliberative Democracy

    Is it ethical for psychiatrists to breech the Goldwater Rule?

    by Joseph J. Fins, MD, MACP

  • Ethics Outside the Box

    IRB decisions are made in a "black box." Will publication help?

    by Sarah Murphy

  • Spotlight Video

    Rahsaan D. Hall, JD, MDiv

    Talking with the Mass ACLU's director of Racial Justice Programs

    Interviewed by Patrick T. Smith

  • Research Ethics

    Reducing Research Waste

    What can IRBs do to help?

    by Spencer Hey

  • Author Interview

    David S. Jones, MD, PhD

    The author discusses his book, "Broken Hearts"

    Interviewed by Robert Truog

  • Clinical

    Deciding to Stop

    Are decisions about dialysis truly and fully informed?

    by Courtney Sas and J.M. Marron

  • Book Review

    Broken Hearts

    The Tangled History of Cardiac Care

    Reviewed by Diana Alame

  • Frontiers

    Partial Humanity

    What is our responsibility to entities with human-like brains?

    by J.B. Segal, S. Porsdam Mann, and Y. Mori

  • In the Media


    Can bioethics help cure the cancer of incarceration?

    by Allyn Benintendi

Recent Center Publications

The 50-Year Legacy of the Harvard Report on Brain Death

Thaddeus Mason Pope, Robert D. Truog, and David Shumway
June 6, 2018

Pure Experience and Disorders of Consciousness

Laura Specker Sullivan
AJOB Neuroscience, Vol. 9, 2018. Issue 2, pp. 107-114.
June 6, 2018

Ethical Implications of Medical Crowdfunding: The Case of Charlie Gard

Gabrielle Dressler and Sarah A. Kelly
Journal of Medical Ethics
May 5, 2018

No One Was Listening to Us: Lessons from the Jahi McMath Case

Junaid Nabi
Hastings Bioethics Forum
April 4, 2018

Risk and surrogate benefit for pediatric Phase I trials in oncology: A systematic review with meta-analysis

Marcin Waligora, Malgorzata M. Bala, Magdalena Koperny, Mateusz T. Wasylewski, Karolina Strzebonska, Rafał R. Jaeschke, Agnieszka Wozniak, Jan Piasecki, Agnieszka Sliwka, Jerzy W. Mitus, Maciej Polak, Dominika Nowis, Dean Fergusson, Jonathan Kimmelman
PLOS Medicine
February 2, 2018

Getting King's Words Right

Charlene Galarneau
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and UnderservedJounral of, Vol. 29, No. 1
February 2, 2018