Topic: Clinical Ethics

Moral Expertise
Facing the Future

Facing the Future

In the era of the selfie, is face transplant worth the risk?

Miguel I. Dorante

Issue: Summer 2019

Topics: Frontiers in Bioethics, Organ Transplantation, Clinical Ethics, Decision Making

Transferring Genetically Affected Embryos in IVF

Is it ethical to transfer embryos with chromosomal abnormalities?

Lacey Brennan and Louise King

Issue: Summer 2019

Topics: Clinical Ethics, Genetics, Pregnancy, Reproductive Ethics

David S. Jones, MD, PhD

The author discusses his book, "Broken Hearts"

Interviewed by Robert Truog

Issue: Summer 2018

Topics: Clinical Ethics, Health Care

Deciding to Stop

Are decisions about dialysis truly and fully informed?

by Courtney Sas and J.M. Marron

Issue: Summer 2018

Topics: Clinical Ethics, Decision Making, Informed Consent, End-of-Life, ESRD, Dialysis

Broken Hearts

The Tangled History of Cardiac Care

Reviewed by Diana Alame

Issue: Summer 2018

Topics: Medical History, Cardiology, Decision Making, Books, Clinical Ethics

Ethics Consult: A pregnant woman’s refusal of care would mean death

Ethics Consult

What if a pregnant woman refuses C-section?

by David Sontag

Issue: Autumn 2017

Topics: Pregnancy, Clinical Ethics, Legal, C-section