Topic: End-of-Life

Dan Callahan

Bioethics and The Future: Can Progress Be Tamed?

Is ‘progress’ an unalloyed good? The next 50 years in bioethics

Daniel Callahan

Issue: Winter 2020

Topics: Bioethics, Progress, Frontiers in Bioethics, Population, Aging, Health Care, Genetics, End-of-Life, End of life, Resources

Spirituality and Medicine

Do Spirituality and Medicine Go Together?

Exploring the connection between medicine and spirituality

Michael Balboni and Tracy Balboni

Issue: Summer 2019

Topics: Religion, End-of-Life

Choosing Death

Choosing Death over Suffering

What informing standards should be set regarding assisted death?

Amber Comer

Issue: Summer 2019

Topics: End-of-Life, Decision Making, Physician Assisted Death

Deciding to Stop

Are decisions about dialysis truly and fully informed?

by Courtney Sas and J.M. Marron

Issue: Summer 2018

Topics: Clinical Ethics, Decision Making, Informed Consent, End-of-Life, ESRD, Dialysis