Topic: Health Care

Dan Callahan

Bioethics and The Future: Can Progress Be Tamed?

Is ‘progress’ an unalloyed good? The next 50 years in bioethics

Daniel Callahan

Issue: Winter 2020

Topics: Bioethics, Progress, Frontiers in Bioethics, Population, Aging, Health Care, Genetics, End-of-Life, End of life, Resources

Ethics of Emergency Preparedness

Difficult decisions in a chaotic situations

Alison Parmar

Issue: Summer 2019

Topics: Decision Making, Public Input, Emergency Preparedness, Health Care

David S. Jones, MD, PhD

The author discusses his book, "Broken Hearts"

Interviewed by Robert Truog

Issue: Summer 2018

Topics: Clinical Ethics, Health Care

Lauren Taylor

The author discusses her book, "The American Health Care Paradox"

Issue: Autumn 2017

Topics: Health Care

The American Health Care Paradox

Why Spending More Is Getting Us Less

Reviewed by Adil Menon

Issue: Autumn 2017

Topics: Health Care, Health Insurance, Books